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My home scanner provides audio to Broadcastify, which in turn broadcasts that audio over the internet. Broadcastify also broadcasts my feed to ALL the online (Apps) that you listen to on your mobile device such as Scanner Radio Pro, PoliceStream, Scanner 5-0..... (all different Apps, all broadcasting the same audio feed). There is about a 30 second delay.

        I only have control over the audio i send out to Broadcastify, I have no control over their servers or the Apps that re-broadcast my feed. If i feel that the online feed is being used by a suspect to elude police or hinder capture, I can and will temporarily turn the audio off. I do that for officer safety.

Kokomo Police and Fire, Howard County Sheriff / Fire Dispatch

Kokomo Police and Howard County Sheriff

Node: 761 Howard County, IN (Simulcast)- Must have broadcastify account

Kokomo Fire Department and Howard County Fire and EMS

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