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KokomoScanner LLC is a social media experiment that is managed and moderated by volunteers. (It is NOT an official news or public safety agency page) (Or a police complaint page) And it SURE AS HECK is NOT Politically Correct! 

        We do it for your and my enjoyment. We do not get paid or financially benefit for doing so. I incur all costs. 

        KokomoScanner, LLC is a Pro Public Safety page. Public Safety bashing will not be condoned for any reason. (Nor will racism) If you do not like the concept or the discussions, please leave without comment. We will do our best to stay off of your page. 

        The Moderators have full time jobs or other hobbies and only post on here when we are listening to the scanner. It is not monitored 24/7. 

        I started this page so that people listening could comment or ask about things happening on or around Kokomo on said scanner. When I started getting private messages asking "why were the police running around ___________ ?" I found it easier to just post the dispatch so everyone could listen or comment. 

        What we post on here is just the dispatch as it went out at the time. We try not to add to it or guess what’s going on. Things often turn out totally different than they were dispatched. Shots fired calls often turn out to be nothing more than loud noises ECT.... I have heard a man passed out unconscious by the street turn into a stabbing scene. It gets dispatched as it was described to the dispatcher by the victim or a witness. 

        We are just listening like you are, and if we're at work, we may not hear the outcome, if you can add to the post please feel free to let us know what’s going on. Please use the guidelines described in our posting guidelines when posting information.  

        Please try and not let some of the dispatches upset you, it sounds a lot busier than it actually is, and as I said things often turn out different than they started. I am not there so I don't have any insight on what’s really going on.

        The contents of this page and scanner feed are in no way associated with the agencies being broadcast. By listening to the information heard on the scanner stream, you are agreeing to use it for entertainment purposes only. Any misuse of this live feed can lead to criminal charges. By posting to Kokomo Scanner you agree that your post is public and can be quoted and / or shared for any purpose. Any picture or video posted or shared can be shared with any other news or public safety agencies Your posting is the implied permission to share. I will often share a good picture on Twitter giving credit space permitting. This page is meant to be informative and or recreational (hobby), and is for entertainment proposes only. KokomoScanner asks that you DO NOT try to approach or apprehend any suspects based on our posts. We encourage you to contact 911 and let the police handle the situation. Special Thanks to The Thurston County Scanner Page, And Brian at The Grays Harbor Scanner Page for assisting in the setup of my about page!

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